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The spring arm is the door closer with a Justor automatic retainer, which allows installing in a simple manner. The automatic door-closing feature can be activated or deactivated according to the required needs. Depending on your preferences (If you wish to have a greater or less strength in the closing door), in this case, you will only have to adjust the spring arm tension point using an Allen key according to the assembly instructions printed included in the packaging.

MB is made with aluminum material, a large number of finishes is available (for its integration in the door). Available colors are: silver, gold, bronze, white and black. The spring retaining brake for doors is also available in a specific variant for external use (in black color).

This model is coated with a special protection to better resist to all the weather conditions (inclement weather)

The application (use) of the door retaining brake is aimed to bathroom doors, storage rooms, and warehouse access doors and inside doors in general.

Designed for lightweight doors (developed) of up to 30kg weight, it has a superior spring resistance of 250.000 cycles and a two-year guarantee.