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    Retaining Brakes

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    Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items

    Our retaining brake solves the annoyance of a door slam and keeps the door closed against drafts. It is appropriate to ensure the total closing of doors with electrical lock or latch.

    We have four models available according to weight and width of the door which have different finishes in aluminium and in stainless steel, the latter being particularly suitable for exterior applications.

    Its typical installations are found in industrial doors, warehouse doors, doors for interior use in general as well as entries to garages and parking lots. The retaining brake can also be installed on doors which need to be closed for some particular reason, like the access door to a sauna or to a frigorific chamber. The final goal of its application is to guarantee the complete closing of the door and avoid slamming.

    In order to choose the right model, it is recommendable to read the reference charts that specify the door width and weight. Special attention must be paid to the width of the door.  

    Our retaining brakes have a resistance of more than 250.000 cycles and a 2-year warranty.